Protect your business with proactive threat hunting & rapid response

Stop hackers in their tracks with Ever Nimble’s 24×7 SOC

Our most comprehensive cyber security monitoring system, our SOC (Security Operations Centre) service protects your business with enterprise technology scaled for SMBs.

24×7 SOC hunts for threats, malicious activity, and potential data breaches. In the event of a serious breach or compromise, our advanced system automatically alerts our team of Cyber Response Engineers so they can act to remediate the situation.

Implementing cyber threat prevention and detection services traditionally required significant time and investments, but with our SOC service you can achieve almost immediate protection and compliance.

As part of the 30 day trial, our team of experts will provide comprehensive reporting on and visibility into:
• Login locations
• Failed login attempts
• External email forwarding
• Downloading and uploading from SharePoint

Ready to experience our 24×7 SOC and heighten your cyber resilience? Sign up today and go in the draw to win one of three 30 day SOC trials!