Advanced 24×7 SOC for SMBs

Protect your business with our SOC (Security Operations Centre) and MDR (Managed Detection and Response) – our most comprehensive cyber security monitoring system that hunts for threats, malicious activity, and potential data breaches. 

In the event of a serious breach or compromise, our advanced system automatically alerts our team of experts so they can act quickly to remediate the situation. Hackers don’t sleep, and neither do we.

Rapid detection and response

As a cybersecurity-focused MSP and MSSP, we understand the best way to protect SMBs across all industries. Implementing cyber threat prevention and detection services traditionally required significant investments across staff, operational tools, implementation, maintenance, and technology. Our MDR and SOC services let you enhance your cyber security detection and response capabilities without expensive staff training or investing in long-term implementation projects.

Achieve security and compliance overnight


24x7 Security Operations Center

Our team of Cyber Response Engineers are highly trained with the latest industry certifications. Their sole focus is to protect your business with proactive threat hunting and incident response.


Our security reporting covers security posture overview, ongoing operational issues, security trends over time, as well as various compliance frameworks such as ISO27001 and Cyber Essential Plus.

Simple and Cost Effective

No need to build your own team or start a costly project. Our SOC service can be deployed overnight so you can achieve almost immediate protection and compliance. Perfect for SMBs.


Our SOC platform integrates with security tools from the world’s leading security vendors such as CrowdStrike, Microsoft, Proofpoint and Fortinet. Giving you access to best-in-class technology and complete visibility across your security stack.

Incident Response

In the event of a breach being detected, our cyber response team will fully manage the incident, remediate it quickly and conduct forensic analysis to ensure the source of the breach is properly understood.

SIEM and XDR Solution

Our advanced technology provides protection for your endpoints, network, and cloud, meaning every part of your business is covered with a robust stack of threat detection.

"Big tech solutions, for SMB businesses"

Chris Morrissey - CEO & MD - Ever Nimble

Being one of the few MSSPs who solely support the SMB market, we saw a gap in the level of tools and technology these businesses could access. So we decided to build our own SOC with enterprise technology but scaled for small businesses. Meaning that our SOC is affordable for any business, not just limited to enterprise.

Chris Morrissey Cyber Expert

2022 ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report

Cybercrime can cause financial and reputational damage, disrupt business and essential services, and result in permanent damage to an organisation. During the 2021–22 financial year, over 76,000 cybercrime reports were made via ReportCyber in Australia, an increase of nearly 13 per cent from the previous financial year.

Medium-sized businesses (defined by Australian Bureau of Statistics as between 20 and 199 employees) had the highest average loss per cybercrime report where a financial loss occurred.

Get a copy of the latest report

Ready to strengthen your cyber resilience? Our experts will send you a copy of the latest report, and arrange a meeting to discuss how it’s relevant for your business and the immediate protections you can put in place.

    average $ cost of cyber incident to Australian medium sized business

    businesses have fallen victim to malware attacks

    days is the average downtime caused by ransomware attacks

    average $ loss of business email compromise in Western Australia

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