Cyber security Perth services. The risk is real

Cyber security is a growing concern for all organisations. As part of our MSSP offering we have developed a proactive approach to enhance your security and better protect your business against cyber security threats, and help you to meet current legal compliance requirements. We are one of the worlds only MSSPs focused only on the support of the SMB market.

Cyber Security Protection

As an MSSP our suite of cyber security products and training services will position your business to be stronger against today’s cyber threats. We design bespoke cyber security packages to suit all businesses and deliver them for a low fixed monthly fee.  We partner with world-leading security vendors such as Crowdstrike, Fortinet, Cisco, Threat Locker, Barracuda and Proof Point.

SOC 24 x 7

Our team of certified cyber security experts will monitor your entire IT environment for signs of a breach. In the event, we find something our incident response team will ensure we remediate the issue quickly.

Phishing Protection

We provide A.I.-Based Protection from Spear Phishing, Account Takeover, and Business Email Compromise. We detect threats that traditional email security systems can’t.

Password Management

We secure all your passwords in one simple and easy to use safe application. You can store, create, and maintain your own passwords as well as that of your team. 

Advanced Web Filtering

We protect your computers from malicious websites both in and out of the office. We understand that working from home is important therefore your business security needs to move with your teams. 

Vulnerability Scanning

Our always-on platform tracks and resolves vulnerabilities in technology such as Firewalls, Active Directory, and Microsoft 365. Critical in understanding active risks on your network.

Endpoint Protection

We use world-class endpoint and network protection (XDR, MDR, EDR) to ensure you have the best level of automated detection and response. This technology is proven to stop breaches.

Dark Web Monitoring

We monitor the Dark Web for stolen passwords and we let you know when employee emails and passwords have been compromised, so they can be changed quickly.

Two Factor Authentication

We protect all compatible systems with strong two-factor authentication, which can significantly reduce the chance of a hacker gaining access to your important data

Ransomware Defence

If ransomware is detected we can automatically isolate the device and attempt to stop suspected ransomware processes to prevent the ransomware from spreading.

Social Media Protection

We protect your business social media accounts.  Hackers target  social media accounts for many reasons. Reputation damage in the event of a hack could be significant. we can stop security threats in real time. 

Application Whitelisting

A must for achieving Essential 8 or Cyber Essentials certification. Application whitelisting is highly effective as it only allows trusted and verified programs to run on your network.

Enhanced User Training

We conduct frequent security awareness training so that staff are aware of new cyber threats. We then conduct simulated phishing attacks to measure cyber security awareness.

Computer Encryption

With disk Encryption all data on your employee computers are protected against theft or loss. This is a great way to ensure you are complying with NDB or GDPR regulations.


Compliance Managment

We work with our customers to help them achieve a fast and verified path to success for Essential 8, SOC 2, ISO 27001, or any other cybersecurity compliance framework.

Data Leak Prevention

We will help you to prevent private data from leaving your organisation. Credit card numbers or passport details should never be transmitted via email. We will put blocks in place to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Cyber Threat Assessment

Things change quickly in the world of cyber security. Just look at the stats below.

We offer an assessment for businesses within Australia, which can help you better understand your current data risks, threat protection and security compliance requirements. We look at real data collected from your network captured by our smart modern security tools.

We provide independent advice to assist you form your cyber security strategy. We provide best cyber security in Perth, cyber security in Brisbane and cyber security Melbourne, Victoria

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How will your business withstand a common cyber-attack such as Phishing or Ransomware? Find out more

billion spent worldwide on cyber security


of organisations believe their anti-virus is ineffective

identified cyber security incidents in Australia


of phishing emails get opened by targeted users

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