With Crowdstrike, we stop breaches

Targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats can’t be prevented through traditional anti-virus solutions anymore, making endpoint protection a necessary component of full-spectrum security solutions capable of securing data for Australian businesses of any size. Endpoint protection solutions provide centrally managed security solutions that protect endpoints such as servers, workstations, and mobile devices used to connect to enterprise networks.

Stop breaches, power productivity

CrowdStrike’s expanded endpoint security solution suite leverages cloud-scale AI and deep link analytics to deliver best-in-class XDR, EDR, next-gen AV, device control, and firewall management. CrowdStrike’s endpoint security offerings are truly industry-leading, highly regarded by all three of the top analyst firms: Gartner, Forrester, and IDC. Find out more.
Technology, intelligence, and expertise come together in our industry-leading platform to deliver security that works

Powered by the security cloud

Using world-class AI, the CrowdStrike Security Cloud creates actionable data, identifies shifts in adversarial tactics, and maps tradecraft in the patented Threat Graph to automatically prevent threats in real time across CrowdStrike’s global customer base.

An adversary-focused approach

Intelligence is woven deeply into our platform; it’s in our DNA, and enriches everything we do. It’s derived not only from our world-class threat researchers, but also from the first-hand experience of our threat hunters and professional services teams.

Backed by world-class expertise

We embed human expertise into every facet of our products, services, and design. We’ve pioneered a new delivery model for cybersecurity where our experts work hand-in-hand with you to deliver better security outcomes.

Welcome to anyware

Cyber threats are real, act now!

Things change quickly in the world of cyber security. Just look at the recent stats below.

We provide independent advice to assist you in the development of your cyber security strategy. By working with the cyber experts at Ever Nimble, we promise to help your business get; better protection, better performance, and better value from its cyber tools. We demand the best. We are providing cyber security in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, Victoria.

CrowdStrike has been leading the charge against cyberthreats since 2011 when it was founded. Its cloud-based cyber security software collects threat data across all connected devices. See how it works by booking a demo and start stopping breaches.

Crowdstrike Demo

Let’s stop breaches together. Learn more from a demo with one of our cyber experts.

    billion spent worldwide on cyber security


    of organisations believe their anti-virus is ineffective

    identified cyber security incidents in Australia


    of phishing emails get opened by targeted users

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