Advanced email security that stops Phishing 

Emails are a popular target for cyber criminals, and without the right security in place, they position your staff as the last line of defence – with 90% of successful cyber-attacks made possible due to human error. Ever Nimble’s Email Security service offers proactive protection to stop malicious emails before they reach your team, safeguarding your business against cyber threats and mitigating downtime.

Advanced Email Security

When 91% of cyber attacks start with an email, implementing the right protection is an instant solution to strengthen your cyber defences against phishing emails, malware, and more. We harness the power of ProofPoint and Avanan to deliver industry leading email security solutions and detect threats that traditional email security systems can’t.

Phishing protection

We provide AI and machine learning-based protection that analyses emails to stop sophisticated threats from spear phishing to account takeover and business email compromise (BEC).

Email filtering and quarantine

Cloud-based email filtering scans and categorises incoming traffic, including spam, malware, grey mail, and more. Quarantined emails can be reviewed through an individual daily digest report.

Malware protection

We identify emails containing malicious links or attachments through strategic multilayered content and reputation analysis, and sandboxing.

"We trust Ever Nimble to protect our data and IT systems"

Global Mining Company

We are a global mining company and we trust Ever Nimble to protect our data and IT systems. We really enjoy having the team in our office; they are extremely helpful, efficient and understand how we operate. They keep things simple and easy to understand. They provide seamless IT Management and IT Support to all of our international offices.

Cyber threats are real, act now!

As cyber threats become increasingly complex, you can’t rely on traditional email security solutions to keep your business safe. Ever Nimble use AI and Machine learning to put a stop to Phishing and Malicious emails.

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of phishing emails are opened by targeted users


of cyber attacks start with an email


of cyber attacks are made possible by human error

million – the amount BEC cost Australian businesses in 2021

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