Disaster recovery that helps you sleep at night

When technology is central to your business operations, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) planning is essential to strengthen your cyber resilience and ensure peace of mind. From power outages to cyber-attacks, hardware failure, natural disasters, and everything in between, BCDR solutions are critical to prevent data loss and costly downtime.

Strengthen resilience, boost efficiency

A global leader in security and cloud-based solutions, Datto software supports over a million businesses around the world. Datto offers a complete BCDR solution, combining continuous data protection, patented ransomware scanning technology, Inverse Chain Technology, and Cloud Deletion Defense to help you get back to business.

Only the top five percent of Datto’s worldwide partners are given Blue Diamond status. Ever Nimble has exceeded the high standards required to be approved for Blue Diamond status in the Datto Global Partner Program. Our status gives us access to exclusive programs, benefits and pricing, enabling us to provide our customers with leading robust disaster recovery solutions. We chose Datto for the peace of mind it brings us, delivering the reassurance that our customer data is kept safe and secure in Datto’s cloud. 

Datto Blue Diamond Partner

A powerful all-in-one BCDR solution


Reliable backups

Datto employs Inverse Chain Technology and automated data and boot verification for resilient backups and efficient storage management. Backups are verified every day.

Secure cloud

A secure geo-replicated private cloud infrastructure enables rapid off-site disaster recovery, at no extra cost. Immutable storage to keep your data safe. 

Fast restore tools

Minimise downtime with fast restore options that are critical in any scenario from lost files to a site-wide disaster. Bootup any virtual machine in seconds.

Strengthen your cyber resilience today

Our expert team provides independent advice and ensures your business is equipped with better protection, performance, and value from its cyber tools.

Founded in 2007, Datto’s leading software is used by over a million businesses globally. Their complete BCDR solutions support cyber resilience and defend businesses against the devastating effects of a disaster. Ready to see how it works? Book a demo with our cyber experts.

Disaster Demo

Protect your business against data loss and costly downtime. Learn more with a demo from our expert team.

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    of businesses that experience total operational shutdown never reopen

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