Looking to get a foot in the door here at Ever Nimble? Here’s some words of wisdom from some of our EN team members!

“Just be confident and relaxed. If you can do this when interviewing then you are already fit to work for Ever Nimble, as this is how you’ll feel each day here!”

“Be yourself, be genuine and transparent, stay visible on LinkedIn and build your personal branding for a higher chance to get spotted from the crowd.”

“Be true to yourself
Represent and relate to EN core values
Have drive and be willing to learn everything
Good vibes”

“Go for it! It’ll be a decision you wish you made sooner, the support and assistance you get from management is unbelievable. the teams are awesome, you can approach anyone and ask them questions. Training is always on offer even if you find a program that you’d like to do, you can take it to management and they can get the ball rolling with it.”

“Just be awesome, be yourself, be an expert”

“Know the company values”

“Be yourself and bring a positive attitude. Even if you are a beginner in IT (like I am), you will have the best environment to learn.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Learn about us and what we do!”

And here’s one more bonus tip:
Be a good boy. Also do not poop in the bosses office. He won’t get mad but it won’t be appreciated
(Full disclosure: This is from our CBF Toby 🐶 )

So there you have it!
Just be yourself and you’ll ace it! Find out more about careers at Ever Nimble here.

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