What can Ever Nimble do for you and your team? We offer a wide range of IT support services, but perhaps it’s better to show rather than tell. Here, we’re going to look at how we helped one of our clients that was looking to leverage the power of the Cloud to make their business more reliable with the help of modern technologies.

About the client

All of Ever Nimble’s services start by looking at the needs and aims of our clients. In this case, we were working with a Perth-based marketing company that had been having issues with their old email server. The physical server had been failing them, leaving them without email for extended periods of time. For a modern business, losing access to emails isn’t an acceptable source of downtime.

They came to us looking for help in moving their emails from their old physical server to Office 365 Cloud, instead. What’s more, they had a deadline for the migration that they had to meet. We had to get the migration done in only two days.

What we did

The team at Ever Nimble had to hit the ground running, with access to the server granted right before the weekend from their outgoing IT provider. However, we have migration tools on hand, that made it easy to start copying email, calendars, and contacts to Office 365 immediately. The copy took place over the weekend, meaning that we were ready to help with the migration during the following week, in those two days that our client was available for the move.

At the start of the week, we visited their office and helped prepare them for the move. The computers had to have Office 365 ready to run, while the staff had to be informed and receive some briefings on what to expect from the change to help them get right back into the swing of things. By the time we completed the switch on the next day, Office 365 was completely implemented, and the team was ready to begin using reliable email on the Cloud immediately.

The results

With the migration complete, our client had access to the reliability of Cloud-based email access through Office 365, and we ensured they got the best out their new system, with additional benefits like two-factor authentication to improve their security and Microsoft One Drive to make accessing and sharing files across devices much easier. We even helped implement and train them to use Microsoft Teams to encourage collaboration across the country, which helped them stay in touch with remote workers and contractors out of office.

By the time our mission was complete, the Perth-based marketing team was getting more out of Microsoft Office 365 than they had originally intended to. Not just a superior, reliable email service, but better collaboration, resource sharing, and security as well. With training from our team of IT support experts, the transition to the new tools couldn’t have been smoother.

Can Ever Nimble help you?

Whether you’re looking to make the move to Cloud-based systems like our Perth-based client, or you need help implementing other new systems or simply in managing your IT workload, Ever Nimble is here to help. Get in touch and let us know your needs so we can get to work with you as soon as possible.

Ever Nimble: We are your IT support partners

We provide honest and smart advice to help your business thrive. We will connect your teams, improve your processes and ensure your infrastructure can be relied on. We are based in Perth, Western Australia and Melbourne, Victoria. We can’t wait to collaborate with you.


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