Next-Gen Cyber Security Awareness Training 

Did you know that 90% of cyber attacks are successful due to human error? Our CAT Platform (Cyber Awareness Training), will help significantly reduce human cyber risk with an easy to follow cyber security awareness program. If you’re ready to ensure your company’s security, our dedicated cyber security team will help get you started.

Cyber Security Awareness Training (CAT)

Companies have spent the last decade securing and improving their IT systems in an effort to protect their businesses and clients. For this reason, hackers have changed their approach, increasingly targeting staff & exploiting human error. CAT offers a complete solution to test, train, measure, and reduce human risk.


Policies and Procedures

Our policy toolkit contains all you need to address and reduce your cyber risk including checklists, policies and legal templates.


Extensive Risk Reporting

Monitor your progress and identify areas of risk in our cyber risk dashboard. Export your risk profile directly from our reporting suite for management and board reporting.

Video Training

We deliver short, engaging online training to your team through video modules. Their engagement and compliance is measured over time and reported through our dashboard. No more boring, check-the-box security awareness lectures. 

Dark-Web Scanning

Be notified if your email address is exposed on the dark-web. Our system will perform an identity scan on all staff email addresses to keep you safe.

Awareness Posters

Keep cyber security front of mind with engaging awareness posters around the office. Get access to an extensive collection of print-ready, high-resolution posters.

Phishing Simulations

Perform spear phishing simulations on learners and auto-enroll at risk employees in awareness training to help mitigate real phishing emails.

CAT Pricing

Cyber Threat Assessment

Things change quickly in the world of cyber security. Just look at the recent stats below.

We offer a assessment for businesses within Australia, which can help you better understand your current data risks, threat protection and security compliance requirements. We look at real data collected from your network captured by our smart modern security tools.

We provide independent advice to assist you form your cyber security strategy.

Contact us for a threat assessment

How will your business withstand a common cyber-attack such as Phishing or Ransomware? Find out more.

billion spent worldwide on cyber security


of organisations believe their anti-virus is ineffective

identified cyber security incidents in Australia


of phishing emails get opened by targeted users

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