Dell has long been an industry leader in both the home and business computing spaces. It’s not uncommon to find offices which are filled with Dell machines, with the company itself offering considerable benefits to corporate customers, but this doesn’t stop with the regular computers they have on offer. Along with this, Dell is also responsible for a lot of the server hardware found in modern systems. The Dell EMC Isilon is an excellent example of this, being one of the most promising scale-out NAS options on the market.

What Is It?

If you haven’t spent a lot of time working on servers, you’ve probably not heard of a NAS before. This is a relatively simple piece of hardware, and its name stands for network attached storage, giving the savvy out there an idea of what it might do. A NAS is used for storing data on a system, providing all of the machines which are connected to it easy access. Storage like this is used for both archiving and active storage, often performing faster than having each computer access its hard drive or SSD.

What Are The Benefits?

There are a lot of NAS options on the market, and a lot of people will go for the cheapest one they can find. In reality, though, the storage space you have available with a tool like this is only the start, and it’s crucial that you have an understanding of the additional features which these products come with if you’re going to make use of them properly. Dell’s EMC Isilon has a host of different benefits which a lot of companies would struggle to live without.

  • Storage Types: Unlike other NAS components, Dell has built the Isilon to suit a range of different jobs. Rather than restricting their clients to hard drives or SSDs, they let you use both, in either a mix or with one type of storage. This makes it possible to have a data array which contains both fast active storage drives and slower hard drives which can be perfect for backups.
  • Scalability: Running out of storage on a NAS can often be an expensive issue to run into. In a lot of cases, upgrading a tool like this isn’t possible, forcing companies to migrate data and buy new components to address the problem. Isilon makes it possible to update and add individual modules, and this is what makes it a scale-out system.
  • Compact physical Size: Storing large amounts of data has always come at a considerable cost, with the space required for an operation like this being hard for ordinary computer users to comprehend. Thanks to their ultra-compact 4U chassis, though, any server technician should be able to find space for Isilon inside their racks.
  • The Software: Thanks to its long history in server manufacturing, Dell has a lot of experience when it comes to data science. Often leading the way when it comes to professional-grade file structuring and storage methods, there are few companies out there which can offer a similar service, even if they can provide the hardware you’re looking for.
Why Use Isilon?

It’s easy to go through the benefits of a system like this, but this sort of information doesn’t mean a lot to regular users. Instead, it’s also essential to think about what Isilon could do for your company. To start, having centralised storage will make fair easier for employees to access their work, while also making it just about impossible for files to be deleted by accident. Along with this, a NAS will usually be far faster than conventional storage methods, especially if your other networking hardware is powerful enough to keep up with it.

With the ability to make backups and access your storage from anywhere you want to, remaining productive will be easier than ever before, and this is before you think about the software benefits which Isilon can provide. Big data can be tough to manage when you don’t have the right tools. The Dell EMC Isilon can support you with work like this, providing you with a simple way to get a complicated job done.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started on looking for the perfect NAS solution for your business. A machine like this is crucial when it comes to running a modern company, and this makes it worth looking for a company like Ever Nimble to help you out with it. With the industry experience to work with complicated systems like Isilon, they will be able to take you every step through your NAS buying journey.

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