Ever Nimble is an award-winning provider of IT services around the world. Our global team provides honest and smart advice to help our clients thrive. We do this by connecting teams, improving processes, and ensuring reliable infrastructure for all clients, taking the time to understand each business and its individual needs.

Our global growth and continued success can be put down to one main contributing factor: our team. Ever Nimble is constantly striving to be a diversity champion within the IT industry and challenge the status quo. We implement this in every aspect of our work, but it becomes particularly evident in our staff.

We are proud to announce that our Support Manager, Miri Sardelic and our CEO, Chris Morrissey have both made it through to the People’s Choice Voting in the Women in Technology WA Tech [+] Awards. They have been nominated in the Tech [+] 20 Awards category and the Outstanding Diversity Ally category, respectively.

As CEO and Founder of Ever Nimble, Chris has built a Managed Service Provider with a difference. As well as holding equity as a personal value, Chris understands that a diverse staff will bring Ever Nimble closer to its customers. He understands that he is in a privileged position to contribute to gender equity in the field and encourages all Ever Nimble employees to be advocates for diversity: one of the company’s five values is to ‘be diversity champions’. Chris is proud that, in its third year, 30% of Ever Nimble’s staff are female, with these team members working across technical and management roles. Chris targets 40% female employment at Ever Nimble by 2021, and as the company continues to grow aims to achieve complete equality across technical support and leadership teams.

In 2019 and in only its second year Ever Nimble won its first award: the Vocus “One Team” award. Chris feels strongly that this was a result of Ever Nimble’s inclusive culture, which celebrates the diverse voices of its team and builds a collaborative and caring environment.

As one of the original Ever Nimble team members, Miri was integral in creating the overall brand and company structure. As a young female, Miri was trying to break through the common stereotypes associated with IT managers. Most of her team preceded her in age but she never let the status quo stand in the way of her leading and expanding a highly skilled, inclusive, and professional team.

One of the responsibilities Miri has as the Support Manager is overseeing the recruitment and development of Ever Nimble’s team members. Miri actively encourages inclusivity by employing a diverse range of applicants from all backgrounds and age groups. She values gender diversity in the workplace and is particularly focussed on increasing women’s employment.

Both Chris and Miri have had such a positive impact on encouraging diversity in the workplace and will continue to do so throughout their careers. The Tech [+] 20 People’s Choice voting has opened, and it would be much appreciated if you could show your support and submit a vote for Miri and Chris.

Click the following link to cast your vote https://witwatechplus20.awardsplatform.com/

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