Since its establishment, Ever Nimble has helped many different organisations improve their IT strategies, business processes, and cybersecurity. Thanks to our experienced and qualified staff, we’ve been able to bring many different businesses into the modern world and help them to thrive.

We are always looking for ways to not only help other businesses but the world at large and that’s why we’re proud to announce our new Gold Partnership with Keela, a company at the forefront of technology for nonprofit and not-for-profit organisations.

A brand new partnership 


There are few companies that are a better fit for a partnership with Ever Nimble than Keela. Founded with the goal of becoming the technology used by nonprofit organisations all over the world, Keela is the evolution of decades of experience and ideas. Keela has helped to improve the technological functionality of many nonprofits by providing them with tools to achieve the best possible intelligence, analytics reporting, and AI. The aims of Keela are perfectly aligned with those of Ever Nimble, with their focus on helping customers work more effectively and efficiently while providing the perfect tools so that they can do just that.

A company with the right experience

Not only does Ever Nimble have experience supporting companies of all different kinds with their IT solutions and strategies, but we have worked with multiple nonprofit and not-for-profit organisations. Not only are our values fully aligned with those of Keela, we understand many of the specific needs that a nonprofit organization may have when it comes to everything from cybersecurity to cloud services to business process improvement to IT infrastructure. In many ways, nonprofit organizations are very different from many other businesses out there and we understand how to help them use their IT to maximise their personal selling points. By partnering with Keela, we are able to add our strength and experience to theirs in order to help get the very best out of everyone involved.

Improving what Keela does best 

Keela is fully dedicated to helping bring nonprofit organisations into the modern world. By helping them move past slow, outdated technology, Keela’s software provides nonprofits with the tools that they need to manage practically every element of their fundraising. At Ever Nimble, we know that we’re in a perfect position to help Keela keep doing exactly what they do best to an even higher standard. We know that we can ensure that the necessary IT infrastructure underpinning Keela’s software is essential to helping many nonprofits function properly and because of that, Ever Nimble can help to be the backbone that keeps many nonprofits going for years to come.

By combining the strengths of Ever Nimble and Keela, we are truly excited about the incredible innovations to come in the world of nonprofit, and not-for-profit organisations. This is a partnership that is not only sure to bring out the absolute best in both Ever Nimble and Keela, but to bring out the best in a whole range of nonprofit organisations around the world.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss Keela further. Alternatively, click here to get a personalised demo from one of Keela’s nonprofit experts.

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