At Ever Nimble we are proud to partner with the team at Fortinet, they help us to offer world leading security solutions to our customers.

Fortinet has once again been named 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Network Firewalls. The recognition is based on the ratings of vendors from a variety of different industries across the globe. It considers both the number of end-user reviews and the overall ratings that those users give.

This recognition carries a lot of weight because it is based solely on customer feedback. The fact that Fortinet has over 1772 verified ratings and 448 of those have been submitted in the last year alone demonstrates that they are successful in delivering a ‘security-driven networking’ approach along with a positive user experience. This is why Ever Nimble choose Fortinet!

These are just some of the industries that are using Fortinet services and what they have to say about the technology.

Services Industry 

Customers in the services industry report that they use the FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) because it provides a simple UTM solution that is easy to work with. Their organisations benefit from the secureVPN, SD-WAN, IPSEC and SSL features in a variety of ways. The firewall is the most cost-effective way to secure their business.

Financial Services 

Users in the financial services sector benefit from the seamless implementation with existing software for ‘simple administration, management, and upgrades.’ They also praise the incredibly stable hardware and excellent operating system.


Government organisations have a lot of good things to say about Fortinet products and services, primarily due to the ‘breadth of options’ that the service stack offers. This helps to replace outdated systems and save a lot of money, which is always a primary concern for these kinds of organisations.

The FortiGate firewall provides ‘the best protection’ for government organisations and has a wide range of security features including antivirus, web filtering, application filter and intrusion protection. All these features perform well, even in high traffic networks.


Healthcare businesses benefit from using the FortiGate NGFW because it is easy to integrate with current software. It also ‘allows you to create and customize policies based on roles,’ which is incredibly important in the healthcare industry, as patient records need to be protected and access needs to be controlled.


The biggest benefit that FortiGate offers to the manufacturing industry is ease of use. They report that FortiGate is easier to use than any of the alternatives and ‘customisation is a great advantage.’ They also found that it was quick and very simple to set up security policies for users at any network level.


Educational facilities report that they have had great experiences with Fortinet and although they had a few simple issues, the support team were ‘very knowledgeable and were able to resolve issues quickly.’ They also praised the email gateway which is incredibly effective and simple to set up.

Time to make the switch?

These are just some of the glowing endorsements that Fortinet gets from their customers in a wide range of different sectors. Ever Nimble is a Fortinet partner and we have Fortinet experts on hand that can provide you with their full range of award-winning security solutions, such as firewalls and Wi-Fi.

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