We’re so excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted as a finalist in the CRN Australia Impact Awards for our Perseus Mining Limited BCDR, supported by Datto, Inc.

As announced by CRN:

Ever Nimble’s remote BCDR rollout for Perseus Mining

Ever Nimble was hired by ASX-listed Perseus Mining with the task of solving it international business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) headache that the client had been trying to solve for years.  Not only did Ever Nimble achieve this, it did so within a few months, which has enabled the client to focus on improving its broader IT infrastructure.


Ever Nimble implemented a Datto BCDR solution for the miners’ headquarters in Perth, three branch offices and three operating mine sites across Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, replacing an unreliable legacy system along the way.


The international deployment was challenging, making the need for easy deployment particularly important. Poor Internet access at the overseas locations also created a need for a hybrid solution. Ever Nimble overcame these challenges from Australia, shipping eight Datto cloud-powered devices and remotely configuring them, with onsite teams only needing to connect a single cable.


Perseus Mining now has a simple and scalable solution that can be easily replicated across new locations/acquisitions. Additionally, Ever Nimble’s team now spends less than 10 percent of its time managing these solutions, compared to 30 percent of its time managing the previous solution

Read the announcement here.

We’ll keep you up to date with the awards as they happen! Gold Coast, we’re coming for you!

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