Ever Nimble Partners With Admin Droid

Ever Nimble, an IT Support and Solutions company based in Australia and the UK, has announced it is partnering with AdminDroid, which provides Office 365 Auditing and Security Reports for all of its customers.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Ever Nimble has taken the next step in ensuring it can provide quality service, reports, diagnostics and security for all of its customers. By announcing a partnership with AdminDroid, Office 365 Reports and Office 365 Security will be easily accessible, clear, and more concise. Customers of Ever Nimble can now access data up to the minute, streamlining Report and Security processes and deliver a complete picture of the environment surrounding Office 365.

What to Expect from AdminDroid

AdminDroid is recognised as a leading Office 365 solution provider. Its objective is to build IT products that are user-friendly and can provide practical solutions to your everyday Office 365 issues and data considerations.
Its flagship product, the AdminDroid Office 365 Report Tool provides over 600 Office 365 statistics reports as well as auditing reports that include an array of features to enhance your experience and make data easier to manage.

Key reports include:

  • Onedrive storage trends
  • Users without MFA
  • License utilisation 
  • Microsoft Teams adoption  

Such features will enable you to take greater control over reports and action minor adjustments or significant changes more immediately. For businesses looking to improve fortunes and achieve considerable growth, it is a vital addition to your everyday operations.

The rich reporting features include Scheduling, Exporting, Customisable Reports and Advanced Filters that will enable you and your team to locate and identify specific details that will help optimise your operations.
You can also enjoy the use-friendly dashboards, which is suitable for anyone regardless of how confident they feel with technology. Even non-admin staff can view reports and statistics so that everyone understands where the company needs to go, thanks to the non-admin delegation features.

AdminDroid is easy to set up, and you can stay ahead of the curve thanks to regular automatic updates all delivered via the Ever Nimble cloud. Considered One Tool to Rule, managing your Office 365 Infrastructure has never been more convenient. For both existing and future customers of Ever Nimble, this represents a significant and exciting step to take that will prove prosperous for everybody involved. 

A Budding Prospect

By working alongside AdminDroid, Ever Nimble has continued to demonstrate its dedication to improving the experience for its clients. By operating in a wide range of industries, including Accounting, Mining and Consultancy, the possibilities that will come from working with AdminDroid offers a new and exciting step in the direction your business wants to explore.

If you believe that your business can benefit from working with Ever Nimble and you want to take advantage of the possibilities that AdminDroid affords, don’t hesitate to get in touch at the Ever Nimble website, call +61 8 6381 6900 for Australian enquiries or +44 1792 650 500 for any questions from the UK. Alternatively, email connect@evernimble.com for more information and the chance to work with this Microsoft Gold Partner company.

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