Office 365 is one of the go-to office bundles for businesses. It’s an office productivity package that allows you to take care of the most common things such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. However, a rather underutilised (and frankly misunderstood) feature of the Office 365 bundle is OneDrive. So in this article, we’ll explain what OneDrive is, what it’s used for and how your business could take advantage of it.

What does OneDrive do?

First, let’s understand what OneDrive is. OneDrive is essentially a cloud storage service offered by Microsoft. It’s offered as part of the Office 365 bundle and will sync files such as your documents so that you can access them anywhere. Cloud hosting means that your files won’t be lost if your PC breaks or is replaced (assuming the files have been backed up!) and you can access them from any device such as a desktop, laptop or even a smartphone.

So now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at why you should be using OneDrive for your business.

1. Access your files from the cloud wherever you are

One of the biggest advantages of OneDrive is being able to access your files no matter where you are. This means you can work at home on your desktop PC, on your work laptop when you’re commuting, on your work computer in the office or even on your phone when you’re on the toilet.

2. Simple document sharing options

OneDrive allows you to easily share your files with other users in your business or even with people outside of your organisation. You can easily create a direct link to it and share it via an email, making it an incredibly convenient way to share a document. You can even add security options to it, such as requiring a sign in which limits access to the file to trusted personnel and clients only.

3. Tighter security than regular networks

By using OneDrive to store your files, you’re essentially getting a more secure file storage system than what most offices would have access to. This is because it’s protected by Microsoft’s data management practices and security features, ensuring that only secured connections can access the file. The file is also encrypted by OneDrive for extra security and you can manually block access to files.

4. Collaborative tools

Having your files hosted online with OneDrive means that you’re able to collaborate on files. One person could be editing a table of contents on a document while another person adds in the content, and a third party could be making suggestions with notes and highlights. There are plenty of ways to utilise these collaborative options, but they’re only accessible with something like Office 365 and OneDrive combined.

How does Ever Nimble help?

Ever Nimble specialises in incorporating Office 365 and OneDrive into your business workflow to improve productivity, provide better security measures and also create collaborative opportunities. We offer honest and smart advice to help businesses scale and take advantage of their technology, so contact us today to see how we can help you.

Ever Nimble: We are your IT support partners

We provide honest and smart advice to help your business thrive. We will connect your teams, improve your processes and ensure your infrastructure can be relied on. We are based in Perth, Western Australia and Melbourne, Victoria. We can’t wait to collaborate with you.


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