This week saw a new partnership announced between tech experts Ever Nimble and Business Butler, Swansea – a service that helps local startups and small businesses find fully-vetted business professionals working in their local area. The collaboration means that Ever Nimble will gain access to Business Butler clients, becoming part of their network of professional IT support providers. 

Business Butler is a web-based matching engine that helps C-suite executives of startups and small businesses find relevant experts to assist their businesses. Every professional listed on the platform must submit to a rigorous vetting and appraisal process, including company searches, qualification checks and in-person meetings. 

Ever Nimble is proud to announce that it has passed quality control standards set out by Business Butler Swansea and is now offering services through the match-making outfit. 

Thanks to the partnership, more clients in the Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot areas stand to benefit from Ever Nimble’s extensive range of services. Currently, the IT firm offers IT strategy advice, business process improvement consulting to improve efficiency and productivity, and basic IT support. It is also heavily involved in the cybersecurity protection and cloud services arenas, helping companies manage their accounting and web portals via distributed computing services. 

This latest announcement is one of a long string of partnerships forged by the Ever Nimble team. The outfit has traditionally leveraged its relationships with third-party firms to benefit customers, providing easy-to-understand products and solutions at affordable rates. Its overriding mission is to get to know its customers so that it can provide them with the best service possible. 

Cameron Williams is a Proactive Support Expert who now provides Ever Nimble services through the Business Butler Swansea platform. As part of his role, he anticipates support needs before issues arise and gives honest advice to South Wales businesses about their IT situation. 

The way Cameron works reflects the core mission of Ever Nimble. He takes the time to understand the client’s business, taking a broad view of their complete technology stack before making recommendations. His goal, according to his bio on the Business Butler Swansea website, is to allow firms to get the most from their investment in technology. 

Cameron doesn’t work alone. When clients go to Ever Nimble through Business Butler Swansea, they get access to all the services and experts the company offers for a monthly fee. Support is available around the clock and covers multiple time zones at no additional cost to the client. 

If you would like to book a meeting with Cameron to discuss how he can help your business, please visit

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