This year we have eight incredible people scaling the side of the Central Park building, that’s 52 floors reaching a height of 220 meters, all in the name of a good cause! A few of the team members are even overcoming their fear of heights just to take part.

Team Ever Nimble has chosen to support 12 Buckets, a charity that works closely with local children to help them flourish regardless of their background. Through their one-to-one mentoring program, volunteer mentors help identify a child’s spark, and then seek to strengthen and grow that spark to help foster resilience and confidence.

12 Buckets has done an amazing job at creating a safe space for kids to take a break, focus on themselves, dream big, and realise that anything is possible.

So with that in mind, last year we were a team of four, and this year we have doubled in size, how about we aim to double our donation to 12 Buckets?!

With just a few months left, every dollar counts, and we would love for you to show your support and pledge to Team Ever Nimble.

You don’t have to be crazy as the eight people representing Ever Nimble in the abseil on November 13th to show your support.

All you have to do is hit the link below, and let’s make this the best year yet for 12 Buckets!


Click here to help Team Ever Nimble!

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