1. What is Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)?

Without the right preparations in place, your business operations can come to a standstill in the event of a disaster. The result: costly downtime, reputational damage, and the potential for data loss. Avoiding these devastating consequences is a priority for every business, so it’s critical to proactively implement solutions that safeguard business operations and data with the capacity to quickly restore productivity. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a cyber attack, or something else entirely, this is when comprehensive BCDR processes are essential.

BCDR can be broken down into two parts:

a) Business Continuity

This plan should include strategies and procedures that should be followed to lessen the impact disasters have on continuous business operations.

b) Disaster Recovery

This establishes the procedures and technologies that will be used to maintain and re-establish access to business critical data and IT infrastructure. This includes creating reliable backups, and ensuring there are solutions in place to counter potential threats (such as cyber attacks).

2. Which disasters do BCDR solutions defend my business against?

Without BCDR solutions in place, your business operations are vulnerable to a range of threats. Examples include:

• Power outages
• Natural disasters
• Cyber attacks
• Hardware failure
• Human error

We’re proud to partner with Datto when our clients need a comprehensive BCDR solution. An industry leader trusted by over a million businesses around the world, Datto’s innovative technologies have the power to strengthen your business’ cyber resilience.

3. How do Datto’s BCDR solutions protect my business in the event of a disaster?

Datto offers a complete BCDR solution created with security front of mind and present at each level. This is delivered through:

The Datto Cloud
This purpose built, immutable cloud features multiple security layers, geo-replicated infrastructure, and Cloud Deletion Defense. With rapid off-site recovery, the Datto Cloud ensures your data is protected and business operations can be restored in minutes.

Inverse Chain Technology
This technology ensures each incremental backup is an independent recovery point. This delivers increased reliability, faster restore time, and lowers management overheads.

Ransomware Scanning
Backups are protected with multiple layers of security including ransomware scanning technology, which is invaluable in the event of a cyber-attack and essential as hackers increasingly target backup solutions. When detected, our experts are alerted to take rapid action, investigate, and ‘turn back the clock’ to an unaffected snapshot when required.

Cloud Deletion Defense
This feature ensures data that has been accidentally or maliciously deleted can be recovered.

4. How does Ever Nimble deliver Datto’s BCDR solutions?

Ever Nimble harnesses Datto’s innovative solutions and tailors services that suit your business needs to strengthen cyber resilience.

We recently worked with Perseus Mining to remotely implement a multi-location Datto BCDR system with minimal disruption to operations. This system seamlessly replicates data to provide peace of mind. Group Technology Manager Stacey Squire reflects, “Even to this day, I’m sceptical about how it works so well. It seems too good to be true. Having had so many other backup systems in place in previous roles, this is the first one that does what it says and has had the least amount of management overhead to achieve the required outcome.” You can read Perseus Mining’s full case study here.

Ready to safeguard your operations in the event of a disaster and protect your business against costly downtime and data loss? In the top 5% of Datto’s partners globally, Ever Nimble has achieved Blue Diamond status with access to exclusive programs, benefits, and pricing to benefit our clients. Get in touch to secure leading BCDR solutions for your business, or learn more about how these services can benefit your business here.

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