Without the dedicated cyber security resources of large organisations, SMBs have become an appealing target for cyber criminals and highly vulnerable to threats. In 2022 they were three times more likely to be targeted by phishing attacks, which are the cause of two thirds of ransomware infections.

As cyber threats become more complex and the frequency of attacks increases globally, rising by 28% in 2022 compared to the previous year, it’s essential for SMBs to take a proactive approach to strengthening their security posture. This is where a SOC (Security Operations Centre) service becomes critical to stopping threats in their tracks before they cause financial loss and permanent reputational damage.

What is a SOC?

A SOC functions to provide 24/7 threat detection and incident response to safeguard your business’ online operations, data, and digital resources. Cyber experts utilise processes and tools to monitor networks, servers, and endpoints around the clock. When threats, malicious activity, or potential data breaches are identified, they can be contained and remediated in real-time before they become a critical incident and cause costly downtime.

How does this differ from a Networks Operation Centre (NOC)?

While the functions of the NOC and SOC may seem to overlap, there are key differences in the risks they address.

The NOC functions to maintain overall network availability and performance to meet business needs. This includes addressing network interferences caused by natural disruptions, and ensuring the network can meet service level agreements (SLAs) during daily operations. In comparison, the SOC is tasked with protecting the business’ network and operations against human-driven threats, with the capacity to act as a digital front line in the face of a cyber attack.

Each of these services are essential to maintain day-to-day operations and handle natural and human-driven threats as they arise.

Get advanced 24/7 SOC for your SMB

Large organisations typically build an internal team of experts to operate their SOC, however, this requires significant resources and ongoing investment to keep technology and staff knowledge up to date. So how can you achieve this level of protection without the same cyber security budget?

Ever Nimble’s recently launched Security Operations Service allows SMBs to outsource a cost-effective solution and defend their operations against the growing risk of cyber threats. Our most comprehensive cyber security monitoring system offers continuous scanning and fast Managed Detection and Response (MDR) under the care of our Cyber Response Engineers.

Ever Nimble’s CEO Chris Morrissey reflects, “Being one of the few MSSPs who solely support the SMB market, we saw a gap in the level of tools and technology these businesses could access. So we decided to build our own SOC with enterprise technology but scaled for small businesses. Meaning that our SOC is affordable for any business, not just limited to enterprise.”

This cost-effective solution can be deployed overnight to help your business achieve security and compliance almost immediately.

Ready to access big tech solutions and strengthen your cyber resilience? Learn more about our 24 x 7 Security Operations Centre service here.

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