A firewall is essential to protect your business’ network and private data, but when you want to simplify your IT infrastructure and strengthen your first line of defence with advanced Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) features, you need Ever Nimble’s cost-effective Secure Firewall as a Service (SFWaaS). 

Partnering with industry leader Fortinet, we deliver this comprehensive network security solution so you can increase your business’ cyber resilience through a range of NGFW features including:   

  • Web filtering. 
  • Advanced threat protection (ATP) to advance your security posture and safeguard your business and sensitive data against cyber-attacks.  
  • Domain Name System (DNS) security. 
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to proactively detect and mitigate malicious traffic threats through network behaviour analysis and automated response. 
How our Fortinet powered Secure Firewall works 

Existing between your network and the internet, this cloud-managed service filters network traffic to protect your business from threats inside and outside the firewall. It delivers firewall features including: 

  • Network monitoring 
  • Secure sockets layer virtual private network (SSL VPN) support 
  • Internet Protocol (IP) mapping features 
  • Internet Protocol security (IPsec) 

 Alongside this, SFWaaS draws on deeper content inspection capabilities to safeguard your business against cyber-attacks including malware. Each data packet trying to enter your network is inspected and analysed, alongside the data within it, through deep packet inspection (DPI) to identify the source and any signs that indicate it’s malicious.  

Your business’ cyber resilience is further reinforced through machine-learning tools, which detect zero-day threats that target software vulnerabilities (that vendors are unaware of and are yet to remediate) through behaviour analysis.  

Cloud-managed Fortinet powered devices also provide a practical solution for the growing hybrid workforce and decentralisation of your networks. Your team can work securely wherever they’re located by adding on technology such as SSL-VPN, ZTNA and SASE. 

Benefits of SFWaaS  
  1. Deployment and maintenance made easy
    When you’re ready to access the benefits of SFWaaS, all you need to do is let us know. We configure your service so your team can focus on daily operations without committing unnecessary time and resources to deployment and ongoing maintenance.
  2. On-demand scalability
    When you’ve got a growing team, your cyber security solutions need to be scalable with fast implementation. SFWaaS is flexible, allowing your defences to adapt to the needs of your business and allow for growing your network.
  3. Flexible Operational Expenditure (OpEx)
    Traditionally, implementing a firewall requires a costly upfront payment but with Ever Nimble’s SFWaaS you can access cutting-edge technology for a fixed monthly fee. The flexibility to choose and change your service package as needed also ensures you can safeguard your business, make the most of your budget, and limit OpEx expenditures. You no longer need to plan your IT investment over 5 years – buy what you need now and let us provide the scale.
  4. Add-on for further scalability and control 
    Along with our SFWaaS we can also deliver Secure Wi-Fi as a Service and Secure Switch as a Service. This fully integrates your network to give complete visibility, control, and unmatched security, providing quick detection and isolation of known threats inside your network.  
Increase your security posture with Ever Nimble 

Interested in a secure firewall for your business? Learn how you can strengthen your cyber defences, access cutting-edge technology, and say goodbye to costly maintenance requirements today by contacting our team of experts on +61 8 6381 6900 or connect@evernimble.com. 

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