Is your business up to date with online security best practices? If it isn’t, it’s increasingly likely that you’ll fall victim to cybercrime – in the past year alone cyber-attacks rose by 32%, with a new attack happening every 39 seconds.

If you need to brush up on your business’ cyber hygiene, you’re in luck. This October is the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) Cyber Security Awareness Month – an annual reminder for all Australians to strengthen their security online.

With the theme ‘Have you been hacked?’, the ACSC has put together a range of resources to help you deal with and prevent cyber-attacks. One of these is the recently launched ‘Have you been hacked?’ tool which provides information and guidance when you suspect you or your team have fallen victim to cybercrime – from ransomware attacks to malware threats, email compromise and identity theft.

Throughout the month the ACSC also looks at the importance of implementing basic cyber security practices to prevent your business from getting hacked. From multi-factor authentication to securing your Google and Microsoft accounts, and performing regular backups, the ACSC has put together walk-through guides and quizzes to strengthen your security. Learn more about Cyber Security Awareness Month and find the full list of resources for each week here.

At Ever Nimble we know that taking preventative action is the best way to avoid a cyber-attack. Get in touch with our team for a threat assessment to learn how your business would fare in the event of a common cyber-attack, and how we can strengthen your defences at

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